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After a long break, I finally got back to some crafting.  I joined the Hoopla Round 2 Swap on Craftster.  Here are the two hoops I made.

First, for Songs4Drowning, a rat. She has quite a few rats as pets.


And for Deee–who is into fables, especially the Fox and the Crow

Fox and Crow


OVer the holidays I participated in two swaps. The Altered Fairy Tale Swap and The Pre-20th Century swap on Craftster. Here is what I made:

For the Altered Fairy Tale, I wrote a story about Rapunzel and crafted around it

Hand Embroidered Buttons
Fairy Tale Swap

Journal Cover with Embroidery
Fairy Tale Swap

And Capelet with embroidery
Fairy Tale Swap
Fairy Tale Swap
For the Pre-20th Century Swap I learned how to do an ancient technique called Sprang.

Sprang Hairnet:
Sprang Hairnet

Roccoco Inspired tote:

And a tatted doily:
Tatted Doily

I had a lot of fun swapping. I may do a future post with more details about the Sprang. It was a technique I really enjoyed.

Tea Towel Finale

I figured it was time to update my blog, and with my twins safely tucked away in their room I decided to finish up my tea towel goodies.  This swap turned out a lot longer than expected.  We ended  up with several flakers, so I never got my original towel back.  Thankfully the amazing Snarkypants took on  the role of angel and sent me some amazing towels.  I don’t have pics of them, though.  I also angeled for tattooedcrafter, so I will include those pics here.  So without further comment, the rest of the tea towels I embroidered.




Sublime Fairy

Butterfly Fairy

Dancing Girl

And that does it for the tea towel swap. I participated in two more swaps this fall, so hopefully that will be my next post.

I’m falling behind on my on posting!

I keep forgetting to post.   So here are my two latest tea towel designs plus some extra goodies I’ve been working on for my daughter’s room.




embroidery and quilling

The left side of the above picture is quilled.  I thought the pattern would look cool quilled.  And I was right.  Next I am going to do the squirrel in quilling.  I am going to do my daughter’s room with rainbow colors and animals.  So I am currently working on a deer that will be done in shades of green, and I am going to redo the kitty in the basket, probably in shades of orange. 

In my next post I will reveal what I made using the item in the sneak peeks.

Kitty in Basket TTS

This is the second towel I have done for the Tea Towel Swap.  I think he is too cute.

Tea Towel Madness

I am currently participating in a tea towel swap on craftster.  I just finished my first one and am sending it off today.

KitKat Clock TTS

Here is a preview of another project I am working on.
Sneak Peek

Sneak peek2