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Polka Dot “J”

Polka Dot "J", originally uploaded by Fiorinda.

I just finished up the Hoopla Round 3 swap on Craftster. This is one of 2 designs I made. The challenge this round was to use a 4 in or smaller hoop. Was more difficult than I thought it would be to use a small space.



Secrets, originally uploaded by Fiorinda.

This is just a random photo to make sure I set up my access from Flickr correctly. Have a nice day!

OVer the holidays I participated in two swaps. The Altered Fairy Tale Swap and The Pre-20th Century swap on Craftster. Here is what I made:

For the Altered Fairy Tale, I wrote a story about Rapunzel and crafted around it

Hand Embroidered Buttons
Fairy Tale Swap

Journal Cover with Embroidery
Fairy Tale Swap

And Capelet with embroidery
Fairy Tale Swap
Fairy Tale Swap
For the Pre-20th Century Swap I learned how to do an ancient technique called Sprang.

Sprang Hairnet:
Sprang Hairnet

Roccoco Inspired tote:

And a tatted doily:
Tatted Doily

I had a lot of fun swapping. I may do a future post with more details about the Sprang. It was a technique I really enjoyed.

So distracted

I still keep forgetting to update my poor little blog.  School started in August for two of my kids and we’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things.  so here’s a very belated post.

I teased about a skirt I was making some time back, so here are the pics.

Here is what I started with.  An antique petticoat I got on ebay.  It had quite a bit of damage. 


Here is what I ended up with.

finished skirt2

Finished skirt1


I love this skirt.  It is so very comfortable and it feels so nice to be lacey.